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General Inception and Pharmacelera Partner to Advance Drug Discovery with Exponential ScreeningCap

3D quantum-mechanics, molecular descriptors, and artificial intelligence provide unique capabilities in the chemical space to identify and qualify novel hits

PALO ALTO, Calif. and BARCELONA: General Inception (GI), a global company Igniter, and Pharmacelera, a Barcelona-based deep-tech company, announced its partnership to use exaScreen® for novel drug discovery. The platform technology, developed by Pharmacelera, enables exponential screening capabilities of in-silico compound libraries, increasing the exploration of chemical space to identify hits.

Traditional technologies can only mine about 10 million diverse molecules versus exaScreen®’s over 30 billion. The collaboration will focus on the application of exaScreen®’s state-of-the-art virtual screening technology for General Inception’s therapeutics companies looking for novel, diverse and synthesizable hits. exaScreen® uses accurate 3D Quantum-Mechanics (QM) molecular descriptors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mine efficiently a humongous chemical space and potentially boost the Intellectual Property (IP) of drug discovery projects.

“This is a step forward in our aim to retrieve and discover new chemical matter, which is a fundamental pillar in early drug discovery,” said Dr. Venkat Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer of General Inception. “Pharmacelera has already demonstrated that their proprietary technology is able to identify novel yet feasible scaffolds that are totally missed by traditional screening methodologies. We look forward to

applying this technology and believe it will provide a meaning benefit to the drug discovery efforts of our companies.”

“We are very excited to establish this collaboration with General Inception, a fast-growing company Igniter in the United States and Europe,” said Dr. Enric Gibert, Pharmacelera’s CEO. “We appreciate getting in on the ground-floor of collaborations to best leverage the power of exaScreen®. GI’s business model enables us to reach a diverse group of innovative companies at the start of their journey and collaborate with pharma executives to resolve key challenges in drug discovery.”


General Inception is pioneering company creation as an Igniter company. General Inception partners with extraordinary scientific founders at the inception of their journey to efficiently translate their groundbreaking innovations into transformational companies that address humanity’s grand challenges.

As a business co-founder, GI brings together domain and functional expertise, executive talent, infrastructure and development resources, and capital to ignite, nurture and scale the company journey.

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Pharmacelera develops advanced computational tools for the discovery of novel hits using accurate Quantum-Mechanics (QM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC). The company’s products use 3D molecular descriptors to mine an unexplored chemical space and to identify hits uncovered by traditional algorithms. Pharmacelera is a private company founded in 2015 and based in Barcelona, Spain. The company works with several big pharma and biotech organizations across Europe and the United States.

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