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Founding Stories: Partillion

After working in microfluidics for decades, Dr. Dino Di Carlo from UCLA wanted to solve a major pain point in the industry - each new application required new instrumentation. What if, he thought, researchers could perform novel microfluidics without new instruments and instead use existing technologies? With this idea, Dino and his lab began working on different approaches to solve the problem. Joe de Rutte, a PhD Student in Dino’s lab came up with the solution - nanovials. This was the inception of Partillion.

Dino Di Carlo, PhD

"GI jumpstarts and accelerates everything. They have an experienced team to reach out to for advice and getting things done."
Joe de Rutte.png

Joe de Rutte, PhD

"As a brand new founder out of grad school, I didn’t know much about company building. I really relied on my advisors and the network at GI. "
Group 3.png

Kelly Kaihara, PhD

General Inception
"Partillion is an example of great teamwork coming together."
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