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Our Strategic Partners

General Inception’s strategic partners provide an additional layer of foundational support and services for Our Companies. With expertise across information systems, microfluidics, product development, and design and manufacturing, our strategic partners help our companies efficiently scale.


Meet Our Partners

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Breadcrumb Software

Breadcrumb software is a team of experienced startup software executives and engineers who have delivered products in enterprise, consumer, medical, networking and machine learning spaces. The team provides GI companies with an information systems execution engine to build scalable enterprises rapidly and efficiently.



Gener8 specializes in the design and manufacturing of instruments, software and consumables for the biotech, medical and industrial markets. With over 200 engineers, 185 manufacturing staff, 50 scientists and 40 PhDs, Gener8 offers GI companies complete engineering services from product development through manufacturing with a focus on commercializing complex instruments and consumables. 


Triple Ring Technologies

Triple Ring Technologies leverages its scientific capabilities to develop robust products that will work for their intended commercial applications.


Triple Ring helps the GI deep tech, medtech and biotech companies develop the most innovative products that integrate advanced science using a rigorous understanding of first principles. By leveraging its over 120 technology experts with 90,000 square feet of bi-coastal product development and incubation facilities, and decades of commercialization know-how, Triple Ring ensures that the GI entrepreneurs and innovators have access to a complete set of resources to achieve business success.



Wainamics is a multidisciplinary research and development firm with broad expertise in transforming research concepts to products. Wainamics develops high performance consumable cartridges using its expertise in microfluidics, materials, and assay integration. With a staff of over 185, the company helps GI companies optimize materials and surfaces for assay performance, develop low cost, easily manufactured consumables, validate assay sensitivity and accuracy with biological samples, and integrate with hardware and software for the best user experience.

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