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Welcome to General Inception, the Igniter Company.

We are your business co-founder.


We are here to solve the fundamental problems of company building: where to find the right people (we’ve got them), the right customers (we know them), and the right funding (we have partnered with them) to start and scale a successful company.

Let us help you ignite your vision.





Our Model

Guiding your journey from idea to seed investment & beyond

At our core, the GI model is about bringing the right people together at the right time for successful company formation and growth. We help you solve the major challenges in building a startup  - from legal and financial help to business strategy and operations. Our team partners with scientific entrepreneurs throughout the journey of company formation, product development, and institutional fundraising. Together, our companies create an interconnected ecosystem to access new technologies, customers, and markets.

Our Scientific Co-Founders

Innovators who can speak to our value

We co-found companies with leading researchers and institutions throughout the world.

Our scientific co-founders include:

Innovation Centers We Work With

Stanford u.png
Georgia tech.png
cambridge university.png
Oregon State.png

Our Company Categories

Diversity across the life sciences innovation space

We work across industry categories with dedicated teams that have deep domain experience.

Our Team

We are your guide

GI team members have founded companies, developed and commercialized successful products, and raised billions of dollars. We’ve been on the journey before and worked in the leading companies across our ecosystem.

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